We are on our way back…


The days are getting longer, and the kids are back at school. Sport is slowly coming back. When will the event industry be back in full swing?

First, live music event.

The true impact of Covid 19 on our families, friends, and the Business community will take a long time to understand fully. With the new road map for opening up businesses and the hospitality sector a little clearer, there is, at last, some hope. The first live music event took place in Liverpool over the weekend, with 3000 people attending an event. This will be a good indicator and model for the events industry going forward for some time.

WIll Trade shows follow suit?

Will trade shows and live corporate follow suit when allowed, and will testing people before they RSVP be the new norm? Many of our clients have successfully adapted to covid for successful virtual events, utilizing technology to keep people engaged. Personal Gift Packs were sent to attendees for an event, including sweets, lunch and wine to toast off the event. At other events, attendees would receive Keep Cups as a token of the event.

But as humans, we are missing the connections.

In the Promotional Branded Merchandise industry, our partners worldwide have asked us to join virtual meetings to showcase new ideas, etc. But I miss the trade shows. Touching and feeling new products, seeing new Sustainable clothing lines. What are the new types of Eco Branded Mugs, Bamboo Fibre T-shirts and new trendy Gadgets?

In 2020 as a business, we pivoted into PPE, and we were able to help many clients. We sourced Medical Grade Masks, Face Shields and Hand Sanitisers when there were huge shortages. Some of our main clothing manufacturers shut down clothing manufacturing and just made reusable masks to meet global demand.


On Thursday, the government announced the new road map for easing restrictions, and then emails started popping in with new inquiries. Events and campaigns, all planned on starting in June, which means there is some optimism. It was like a switch being turned on. The creativity and pitches created to create a little bit of a cautious buzz about getting back to the new Normal.

Are you planning a new event? I would be delighted to have a chat.

Here’s Hoping

Stay Safe