How to choose the right Merchandise.


When you are looking to invest in any marketing spend, be it Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram, Pinterest etc., the first thing they ask you to do is become focused on your target market. Breaking everything down to Area, type of ideal customer and what they like.


The merchandise also requires the same thought process when choosing clients and staff gifts or connecting with prospective clients.


A lot of the time, Merchandise, and now more so Sustainable Merchandise, is thought of at the last minute as an afterthought to finish off a campaign. Why?  Over the last 20 years, I have seen this time and time again, and my approach has always been to ask Why? Our clients often come to us with an idea of what they are looking for. Often, they are right on the mark with what Pen, Notebook, Powerbank, Eco Water Bottle they want to go with and instead of just being an order taker, we are always looking for better ways to add value to the campaign.


So what are the key questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right Merchandise?


  • Who will be receiving the gift? This is really important. Why would you order 500 Pairs of Branded Socks in one size when you don’t know the Demographic of who will be receiving these before you order. A well-chosen reusable water bottle could be a better solution.
  • Is it Sustainable? Everyone loves free stuff. Over the years, I have been to many trade shows and events where a company tries to grab your attention with some free swag, and over the years, it’s only a few pieces that have even lasted till I left the show. Lots of the items used to get put in the bins at the event. What a waste of money and a contribution to landfill. Our stance has always been to recommend a promotional item that will have a long lifespan, which is usable. Our clients in Europe love to give away gifts for the kitchen. Including laser engraved chopping boards, branded Aprons and drinkware.
  • Budget. Most of the time, everything comes down to budget. Has thought been put into what the budget should be? A recent example of this was with a government agency doing a virtual event because of Covid 19. Instead of having a live event that would have included renting a venue and providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, they had a virtual event. We were charged with coming up with a gift to send out to attendees after the event to mark the occasion and to thank them for their participation. We came up with an option for a branded Keep Cup. Now I am no expert in costing events, and we work closely with a lot of event management companies, but the cost to produce and deliver the keep cup was far less expensive than the cost of putting on the live event. And will use it for years to come.
  • ROI – like everything we do in business, there needs to be an ROI (Return on Investment). So you invest €2000 in 100 top-end Wireless Charger to give out to your staff. Sounds like a lot, right? So let’s say the gift makes your staff feel more valued. They choose to stay with your company as opposed to jump to another job. How much would it cost to replace 3 to 5 members of staff? €15 to €25k at a guess. So that €2000 investment is pretty small in the bigger picture.
Some food for thought when deciding on your next use for Sustainable Promotional Merchandise. We would be delighted to have a chat about your next Campaign.
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